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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Salt Lake City Trip & Dallas Trip...

A couple of weeks ago my store manager (who just so happens to be my mother) and I jetted off to Salt Lake City, Utah for a quick buying trip.  As most of you know we bring in a line of beautiful wedding gowns that are exclusive to our store in Southwestern Ontario.  Many brides love the fact that these gowns have beautiful attention to detail, are fashion forward and are not found in any magazines or websites.  Brides who are looking for something unique, find it at Once Upon A Time.  So once a year we go down to meet with the designer & finalize these designs before they arrive to the store in January.  Here's a photo of the designer, Heather and I beside one of the most beautiful, fashion forward gowns I have ever seen.

And here is one more sneak peak of the kind of gowns that will be coming to the store.  We're so excited!

Then last week we headed off to Dallas, Texas for a conference and more buying for the store.  While there we met designer Diane D'Angelo who owns a bridal store in California.  She designs a line of jewellery that we will be carrying in the store.  She's been in the trenches of the bridal business so she knows what brides love.  We're happy to carry her line exclusively in Southwestern Ontario.  These fashion forward pieces will be sure to finish every bride's look.

While there we also went over the Fall 2012 bridesmaids gown that we also carry exclusively in Southwestern Ontario.  These gowns are very fashion forward and the designer is really great to work with.  This is a photo of her with her daughter.

A great part of my job is that I can take time to travel and meet these designers in person.  Once Upon A Time Weddings is proud that the gowns that we carry are made from the highest quality material, the finest beadwork and at reputable factories.  Most of the gowns that we carry are only found at Once Upon A Time Weddings which means you can find a beautiful, unique gown without traveling far.  It's the reason that so many brides fall in love with their gown at our store.  Click here to make an appointment to find your dream gown or call the store at 519.245.7997.

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